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Time:2023/3/13    Tag:Exhibition, Dubai, 2023, new energy, Middle East, Africa, India

From March 7th to 9th, local time, Middle East Energy 2023 was successfully concluded in Dubai! This year, 40,000+colleagues from the global power and energy industry and 900+energy industry suppliers gathered on the spot.

△ Exhibition site

CPU Hydrogen Power Technology(Suzhou)Co. ,Ltd. presented its C series electrolytic hydrogen production system products at booth S3.D62 at the exhibition site, and shared highly integrated modular hydrogen production solutions with customers and partners all over the world.

  • On-site

In this exhibition, CPU H2 exhibited products such as P-series skid-mounted hydrogen production equipment, C-series cabinet hydrogen production system and D-series distributed on-site hydrogen production system. Among them, the C-series hydrogen production equipment and photovoltaic hydrogen production solutions for hydrogen production scenes of overseas users attracted wide attention and became the focus of consultation at the exhibition site.

CPUH2-C series hydrogen production system is a highly integrated alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production system which integrates electrolyzer, post-treatment frame, control cabinet and purification system in a container. The "hydrogen production journey" can be started when water is turned on. The system can be used in indoor/outdoor environment, and has the characteristics of small construction amount, convenient transportation and installation, and the purity of hydrogen reaches 99.999%, which can meet the requirements of using hydrogen in fuel cells.

Customers from all over the world had face-to-face communication with us, and the staff showed the highlights and advantages of CPU H2 production solution to the visitors in various ways, such as on-site model, product folding, equipment video and detailed communication. The booth was crowded with visitors.

  • market potential

The application of green hydrogen is considered as the key to realize sustainable energy economy. In recent years, in order to fulfill the commitment of decarbonization, all countries in the world have begun to pursue the development of green hydrogen energy, and countries in the Middle East and North Africa are also accelerating the layout of hydrogen energy as an important part of energy transformation.

The subtropical desert and desert areas formed in the Middle East along about 30 degrees north latitude are ideal places for solar power generation. With the innate advantages of environment and policy support, the new energy market in the Middle East will become hot in 2023.

As the cost of renewable energy decreases, the production of green hydrogen will become more cost-competitive over time, which will make the Middle East and North Africa a strong candidate for major hydrogen source export areas.

Since its establishment, "CPU H2"has been focusing on the production and development of hydrogen production equipment. The product design originated from the real market demand, passed the CE certification of the European Union, and its safety technology capability reached the advanced level in the global industry. In this exhibition, "CPU H2" demonstrated excellent solutions for hydrogen production by alkaline water electrolysis, and strengthened"CPU H2" 'sbrand influence in the hydrogen energy market.

Since then,"CPU H2"will continue to embark on the overseas hydrogen energy journey, and continue to bring safe, reliable, efficient and economical hydrogen production equipment to more customers through reliable products and high-quality services.