C-series hydrogen production system

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C-series hydrogen production system

The CPU Hydrogen C series hydrogen production system is a highly integrated cabinet-type hydrogen production system. The electrolyzer, gas separation system, control system, and purification system are all installed in a 40 ft container, covering an area of approximately 30 m2.

Equipment features:

  • The hydrogen production system adopts a new one-for-two design, that is, two electrolyzers share a set of gas-liquid separation system;
  • The electrolyzer adopts a new type of non-metallic frame, with a working pressure of 1.0 MPa;
  • Modular design for easy transportation and installation;
  • Can be applied to outdoor environments, reducing construction costs.
  • It can provide on-site hydrogen production and refuelling for hydrogen vehicles, hydrogen ships, etc., reducing the cost of hydrogen transportation.

Performance advantages:

  • Using a new generation of diaphragm, high efficiency conversion rate, and system power consumption ≤ 55 KW·h/kg
  • The hydrogen production is 200 standard cubic meters per hour (approximately 420 kg per day), with a purity of 99.999%, which can meet the needs of fuel cells.
▼ CPUH2-200/1.0-C