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01 How many kilograms is 1,000 m³  of hydrogen?

Commonly used conversion: 1 ton H2≈11123m³H2; 1m³H2≈5 degrees of electricity; 1kgH2≈11.12m³. If the electricity charge is 0.53 yuan/h, 1kgH2≈29 yuan ≈4.6 dollars, and producing 1kg hydrogen will consume about 9kg of water.

02 What are the advantages compared with PEM?

Alkaline (ALK) and PEM belong to the water electrolysis technology for hydrogen production. Alkaline market application earlier, skilled technology, safe and reliable, good economic performance; PEM will use precious metals, raw material output will affect its promotion and application.

03 Which industries can use it?

At present, many conventional power plants have hydrogen production equipment, which is mainly used for cooling. There are also many centralized wind and photovoltaic power generation projects, and large-scale hydrogen production programs are being designed. In the future, hydrogen chemical industry and hydrogen metallurgy will also be applied one after another.