Hydrogen Production and Refueling Station

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Hydrogen Production and Refueling Station

      As the infrastructure to supply hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, the number of hydrogen refueling stations is also increasing. According to different sources of hydrogen, hydrogen refueling stations can be divided into external hydrogen refueling stations and internal hydrogen refueling stations.

  • External hydrogen supply hydrogenation station

      Hydrogen is transported to the hydrogenation station through the pipe trailer, pressurized by the hydrogen compressor and stored in the high-pressure storage tank in the station, and then filled with hydrogen for the fuel cell vehicle through the hydrogen filling machine;

  • Hydrogenation station for hydrogen production and supply in the station

      There is a combination of hydrogen production equipment (such as hydrogen production by natural gas reforming and hydrogen production by electrolysis of water) in the hydrogenation station to produce hydrogen (equivalent to the gas source transported by natural gas pipeline) and gas filling station equipment.

 A hydrogen hydrogenation and hydrogen production integrated station in China (source: network)

      Currently, hydrogen refueling stations are mainly high-pressure compressed hydrogen refueling stations, which mainly include hydrogen source, purification system, compression system, and storage system in the station, and hydrogen refueling for fuel cell vehicles through hydrogen refueling system. According to the different hydrogen supply methods, the equipment of each system of the hydrogen station is different, but roughly the same.