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CPU | Predicting the Development of Electrolytic Water Technology

Time:2023/4/27    Tag:CPU,Electrolytic water technology, hydrogen energy

Dr. Cui Tong, R&D Director of CPU introduced global carbon emissions, the economy of green hydrogen application, current analysis of electrolytic hydrogen production technology, and the decisive factors affecting the cost of hydrogen production equipment.

Cui Tong, R&D Director of CPU Hydrogen Power Technology(Suzhou)Co. ,Ltd.

Cui Tong believes that ammonia production, methanol production, shipbuilding, and hydrogen metallurgy have strong economic benefits, followed by applications in long-distance transportation, heavy trucks, buses, and power generation. However, their economic benefits are relatively poor in urban transportation. Dr. Cui Tong predicted the different stages of the development of electrolytic water technology. After 2020, in order to achieve the installed capacity of electrolytic cells ranging from megawatts to gigawatts, electrolytic cell manufacturers need to provide lower costs, higher durability, and higher conversion efficiency. By 2050, global green hydrogen prices will significantly decrease, with China able to achieve levels below $1 per kilogram, while prices in Germany, France, and Norway in Europe are still relatively high worldwide, but the highest in Germany will not exceed $2 per kilogram.

Cui Tong believes that the decrease in green hydrogen prices cannot be separated from the continuous promotion of two aspects: the popularization of renewable energy and the decrease in electrolytic cell costs.

(Source: Excerpt from "Talking about Hydrogen Innovation and Development" by the Hydrogen Alliance CHA)