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Joint Inspection Group of Xiangcheng District People's Congress Deputies and CPPCC Members Visited CPU for Field Research

Time:2023/11/30    Tag:CPU, Hydrogen Hydrogen Production System, Capacity, 1GW

On 28th November, the District People's Congress and the District Political Consultative Conference organised a thematic inspection of the 2023 District Government's livelihood projects and the construction of key projects by some of the District People's Congress deputies and Political Consultative Conference members. In the afternoon, the inspection group came to the CPU equipment project site, through field observation to understand the company's production scale, operation, etc. CPU factory is located in the north of Chunqiu Road, east of Wangzhuang Road, covers an area of 28.93 acres, the building area of 38,600 square metres. 2022 March started construction, 2023 June completion. After reaching production, it is expected to produce 1GW of alkaline water hydrogen production system per year.

Since the establishment of CPU, it has maintained a rapid and good momentum of development in talent introduction, technology development and iteration, and capacity expansion. Taking the hydrogen production needs of new energy head customers as a breakthrough point, with accurate market trend judgement, we have completed a number of high-quality landing pilot projects and deliveries of hydrogen production systems in the field of hydrogen energy hydrogen production. This year, CPU also participated in the drafting of the "Carbon Footprint Evaluation Methods and Requirements for Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Systems" and "Guidelines for the Operation and Management of Industrial Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Systems - Pressure Alkaline Water Electrolysis", which were officially released on April 23rd and November 20th, respectively. Based on the optimised alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production technology, CPU provides safe, reliable and low energy consumption complete electrolytic water hydrogen production systems and advanced process solutions for traditional power plants, university research and development, semiconductor industry, petrochemical industry, hydrogen refilling stations, wind-solar hydrogen production demonstration projects, etc. Its products include electrolysis tanks, separation frames, purification systems, and intelligent control systems. New Pilot in the Hydrogen Era, Innovative Technology CPU, make hydrogen production more efficient and the world a better place.