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Good News! CPU won the "2023 Sense Silver Product of the Year Award".

Time:2023/12/22    Tag:CPUH2,Ningbo, Industry Networking, Honours, Awards

Recently, the "2023 Potential Silver Future Award" and other awards were announced at the 2023 Potential Silver Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Conference held in Ningbo, and CPU hydrogen was awarded the "Product Power of the Year Award" in the presence of many industry insiders.

Nowadays, traditional energy is being transformed into a new type of energy, and the large-scale and efficient use of renewable energy is conducive to further promoting the green energy transformation. In this annual meeting, more than 70 representatives of hydrogen/fuel cell enterprises, experts and scholars from high-efficiency institutes gathered to talk about the new situation of the hydrogen industry, share the new progress of hydrogen technology and discuss the way to build the iterative ladder of hydrogen energy.

Dr Cui Tong, R&D Director of CPU Hydrogen Power Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  was also invited to this conference to speak on "Status and Prospect of Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy - Prospect of Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Power", which explained the development trend and future demand for hydrogen production in the offshore wind power market. Dr Cui explained the development trend of the offshore wind power market and the future demand for hydrogen production.

According to Dr Cui, "The installed capacity of wind power has increased significantly, and offshore wind turbines are developing in the direction of large size and large capacity, which provides more opportunities for offshore hydrogen production; offshore wind farms are being developed in the deep and distant sea, and the modular design will become the mainstream for easy transportation and installation. In-situ use of hydrogen energy and conversion to easier to store and transport green energy such as methanol, ammonia and coupling with green marine fuel requirements".

Dr Cui's presentation was warmly received and highly appreciated by the participants, who then participated in discussions on "the direction of alkaline electrolyzer technology development", "how to balance performance and safety", and "whether there are new changes in the supply chain of key components and materials", which provided new ideas and directions for promoting the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Demonstration of MAX product performance

As an equipment manufacturer focused on the production of hydrogen from electrolytic water, Hibernia has been awarded the industry's prestigious "Product Power of the Year 2023" award for its outstanding contribution to the hydrogen industry and its innovative products and technologies. This award is not only an affirmation of Sibiu Hydrogen's continuous promotion of hydrogen energy technology innovation and industrial development, but also a recognition of the company's strength and leadership in product power.

During the past year, CPU Hydrogen has continued to make breakthroughs with the launch of its containerised electrolytic water hydrogen production system, which not only completes the first system integration in a standard 30-foot container, reducing construction and transportation costs, but also makes significant advances in safety, stability and economics. In addition, Hibernia Hydrogen completed the expansion of its production capacity this year, and a new production facility will be operational in September 2023.

The Product Power Award 2023 fully reflects the outstanding performance of CPU's products in terms of market competitiveness, technological innovation and customer satisfaction. This award is the best proof of CPU's commitment to quality development and to providing industry-leading, customer-focused solutions for electrolytic water hydrogen production.

Looking ahead, CPU Hydrogen will take the opportunity of winning the "2023 Power Silver Product of the Year Award" to further deepen its cooperation with industry partners and jointly promote the advancement and application of hydrogen production technology, thus contributing more power to the construction of a green, low-carbon and sustainable energy system.