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CPU Hydrogen in 2024 China Hydrogen Energy Exhibition

Time:2024/3/29    Tag:Exhibition, CPU, Hydrogen, Low Carbon

On March 26th, 2024 China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Exhibition ("China Hydrogen" for short) is held at China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) in Beijing. CPU Hydrogen shows up at Booth No. 8B89-90 with the application cases of electrolytic water hydrogen production technology in new energy field and containerized electrolytic hydrogen production solution, which attracted the attention of many industry experts and visitors.

As a technology-based company focusing on the research, development, production and sales of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production systems in the hydrogen energy field, CPU Hydrogen has always been committed to promoting the innovation and application of electrolytic water hydrogen production technology, and contributing to the realisation of a green and sustainable energy future. In this exhibition, CPU Hydrogen brings its three series of alkaline water electrolysis systems, including skid-mounted P-series hydrogen production system, containerised C-series hydrogen production system and distributed D-series hydrogen production system.

(Booth site)

On the exhibition site, the display area of CPU Hydrogen is crowded with visitors, who stopped to watch and consult. CPU Hydrogen even carries out in-depth communication and cooperation with many industry partners, fully introduces the advantages of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production technology, and shares the application cases and development prospects in the field of new energy.
Hydrogen energy, as a kind of clean and efficient energy, has huge development potential and will become an important development direction in the future energy field. The journey of hydrogen energy is still continuing, CPU Hydrogen will continue to work together with our partners to explore the infinite possibilities of the hydrogen energy industry, let's look forward to more excitement and surprises created by CPU Hydrogen in the future journey of hydrogen energy!