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Visit of Doosan Hennen to CPU Hydrogen

Time:2024/4/2    Tag:CPU, Doosan, Hydrogen System

Driven by the global trend of carbon reduction, green hydrogen is gradually gaining widespread attention as a clean and sustainable form of energy. It has a wide range of applications, covering not only traditional industries such as transport, chemicals and smelting, but also agriculture and medicine, bringing unprecedented development opportunities to many industries. On 28th March, a delegation from Doosan Hennen visited CPU Hydrogen and had an in-depth exchange on electrolytic water hydrogen production technology and its industrialisation application.

During the exchange session, CPU Hydrogen firstly introduced the Doosan to the company's research and development history in the hydrogen production equipment industry, and highlighted the prospects for the application of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production systems in the industrial field. Currently, the alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production system independently developed and produced by CPU Hydrogen has been successfully applied in a number of projects. Afterwards, the head of Doosan Hennen shared their transformation path. Formerly known as Doosan Heavy Industries, Doosan Hennen is the largest electrical and heavy equipment manufacturing engineering company in Korea, with businesses covering fuel cells, internationally branded construction machinery, express transport, semiconductor testing platform technology, logistics solutions, semiconductor/power electronic materials, industrial robots, industrial services and the emerging Doosan New Energy. Doosan New Energy segment.

The two sides had extensive and in-depth exchanges of views on a number of areas of common interest, including the construction of a pure water plant for large-scale hydrogen production, the development of a small-scale hydrogen production plant for nuclear and thermal power generation, the optimisation of a hydrogen-fired turbine unit, the application of complementary HTRPM technology, and the advancement of green-ammonia mixing technology, amongst others. In the electrolyzer assembly workshop, the delegation observed the production line of CPU Hydrogen and took a close look at the 200Nm³/h container designed by one gas-liquid separator with two electrolyzers.  This in-depth exchange not only inspired both parties to think about new ideas in various fields, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. It is expected that both parties can make full use of their unique advantages to carry out diversified and fruitful cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy in the future. Key regions such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia will become important arenas for both parties to realize mutual benefits and win-win situations. Together, we will open a new chapter of co-operation full of opportunities and challenges.